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From version 5.0.100 onwards, Drawboard PDF only supports Windows 10 build 10.0.10586 and upwards. If users wish to continue receiving Drawboard PDF updates, they must update Windows 10 to build 10.0.10586 or higher.

  • Polygon vertices can now be repositioned after creation.
  • Arrow and line endpoints can be repositioned after creation.
  • All shapes now maintain stroke weight when resized (they no longer warp).
  • Markups can now be moved between pages.
  • Newly created shapes are now automatically selected after creation.
  • Shortcut keys are more responsive.
Bug Fixes
  • The overlapping of annotations (the z-order) is now preserved when flattening annotations.
  • Fixed issue where some users may experience the app freezing upon reaching the loading screen.

From version 5.0.100 onwards, Drawboard PDF only supports Windows 10 build 10.0.10586 and upwards. If users wish to continue receiving Drawboard PDF updates, they must update Windows 10 to build 10.0.10586 or higher.

Bug Fixes
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes.
  • Added support for Surface Hub.

From version 5.0.100 onwards, Drawboard PDF only supports Windows 10 build 10.0.10586 and upwards. If users wish to continue receiving Drawboard PDF updates, they must update Windows 10 to build 10.0.10586 or higher.

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed issues with inking and erasing.
  • Fixed an issue where bookmarks would fail to appear.
  • Fixed an issue where main menu would not close.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed bug that would allow Drawboard PDF to be downloaded on mobile devices.
  • Improvements to enhance compatibility with Windows 10 Anniversary Update.
  • A range of application stability improvements.
  • The Laser Ink tool has a new icon.
  • Fixed issue where mouse scroll wheel would not scroll pages when in non-continuous mode.
  • Fixed issue where pan tool would lag when display scaling was higher than 100%.
  • Fixed issue where trying to change the weight of a line or arrow to below 1px would revert to 1px.
  • Fixed issue where images would appear upside down or rotated when first inserted.
  • Fixed issue where Highlighter tool would highlight more text than intended.
  • Fixed issue where it was not possible to pan when the cursor was outside the boundaries of a page.
  • The Laser Ink tool is now in the radial menu as its own tool! It has all the features of a normal pen (opacity, color, size) and can be added to favorites.
  • Fixed issue where PDF would display as black screen if display scaling was above 200%.
  • Fixed issue where opening a PDF from Dropbox would cause the user to receive an error message "Access Denied: File in use".
  • Fixed issue where Fit to Width would not behave as expected in Double Page or Cover Page modes.
  • Fixed issue where highlighter tool would not display as expected on dark pages.
  • Fixed issue where opening PDFs that were not created properly could lead to corruption.
  • Fixed issue where mouse scroll wheels did not scroll pages when in non-continuous modes.
  • Fixed issue where text review and text select tools would select whole row to the left of the document view.
  • Fixed issue where a change in author name would not be reflected on new annotations in markup history.
  • Fixed issue where CTRL-C sometimes would not work after text selection.
  • Fixed issue where markup history would sometimes incorrectly count annotations on a page.
  • Improved stability of markup history panel. Markup history will now show the last annotation made on each page that has annotations.
  • Disabled first-use walkthrough for Surface Hub users.
  • Fixed issue where teal deletion highlight effect would not disappear after deletion is complete on text review.
  • Fixed issues with highlighter and underline tools where a vertical line would appear at the beginning of a selected word.
  • Fixed issue where highlighter would only highlight some words within the intended string of words.
  • Fixed issue where text review would not work with vertical text.
  • Fixed issue where highlighted text would temporarily disappear.
  • Fixed issue where highlighting might appear misaligned on text.
  • Fixed issue where highlighting only a couple words in a sentence might instead result in an entire sentence being highlighted.
  • Fixed issue where underlining and highlighting would result in the underline or highlight to move vertically downwards, instead of horizontally.
  • Fixed issue where highlighting text might result in text disappearing.
  • Improved visibility of vertices on polygons.
  • Fixed issue where double tap to insert bookmarks could cause save button to cease functioning.
  • Fixed an issue where hovering over a checked checkbox in a form would cause the check mark to disappear.
  • Fixed live tile issues with lag and thumbnail display when a document is pinned to Start menu.
  • Fixed issue where the cursor style would not be in the correct state under some conditions.
  • Moved markup filter customization to a new window.
  • Stability improvements
  • Fixed issue where the insert text tool colour would not display correctly in the favorites bar.
  • Fixed issue where manipulating pages (insert, rotate and delete) would not update document immediately.
  • Fixed issue where annotating in portrait would not allow annotations on some areas of the page.
  • Fixed issue where some users could not progress past the application loading screen.
  • Fixed issue where application would crash when some users typed into inserted text box.
  • Fixed issue where application would not launch for some users.
  • Squiggly tool will now squiggle in real-time.
  • Fixed issue where documents would render as black with particular Continuous Mode conditions.
  • Introduced ability to select different eraser sizes in the radial menu and add the eraser tool to the favorites bar with selected size.
  • When the barrel erase button is used in ink mode, the eraser tool size will now match the currently selected pen ink size.
  • Fixed issue where F8 button was not working correctly.
  • Fixed issue where Home and End keys would not work as expected in Double or Cover layout modes.
  • Fixed issue where navigation in Cover layout mode would fail to navigate to correct page.
  • Fixed issue where swiping to turn pages would not consistently work.
  • Fixed issue where Fit to Width would not maintain across entire document when using arrow keys in some circumstances.
  • Fixed issue with default view mode not working as expected.
  • Fixed issue where document could not be saved correctly when PDF opened from another application.
  • Fixed issue where document could not be saved if it had been deleted after being opened.
  • Fixed issue where chunks of text from PDF would disappear.
  • Fixed issue where text would disappear and annotations would remain.
  • Fixed issue where a newly loaded page would distort.
  • Fixed issue where annotation and page positions would not line up in some instances.
  • Fixed issue where annotations would appear a few text lines below where they were placed.
  • Performance improvements.
  • Fixed issue where annotations would not save in some instances
  • Fixed issue where flattening inserted text would not be highlightable.
  • Fixed issue where inserted text appeared washed out.
  • Fixed issue where cover page view was not working as intended.
  • Fixed issue where document pages were being clipped.
  • Fixed issue where inking would not appear at certain zoom levels.
  • Fixed issue where inserted pages would not show immediately.
  • Performance improvements.
  • Display/rendering improvements.
  • Fixed issues with navigation of bookmarks in single-page view.
  • Fixed issue with polygon tool jittering when using touch.
  • Performance improvements.
  • Performance improvements.
  • Improved memory usage.
  • Improved rendering performance.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed issue where signatures would not behave as expected.
  • Fixed issue where after changing View & Layout settings, annotation was not possible in some areas of a page.
  • Fixed issue where ink would not apply near edges of page on some devices.
  • Fixed UI errors in 'My Folders'.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed issue with severe blurring on some documents.
  • Fixed issue where some ink would have 'spikes' appended to strokes.
  • Fixed issue where some preinstalled users on Microsoft Surface Book and Surface Pro 4 devices would experience a 'Trial Expired' notice.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed issue where rendering was laggy with black screens
  • Fixed issue where ink was cut off when writing with larger stroke widths
  • Fixed issue where resizing inserted text caused the text to vanish
  • Fixed issue where inserted text box size was incorrect
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed issue where app would draw significant battery in normal use.
  • Fixed issue where markups would appear washed out or faded in other PDF applications.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed issue where text review was not working whilst using Annotate Using Touch.
  • Fixed issue where ink would still be smoothed whilst using Annotate Using Touch, even if the Ink Smoothing option was disabled.
  • Fixed issue where bookmarks would not appear.
  • Fixed issue where double tap configurations were not working.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed issues where bookmarks would cease to work after switching documents or could not be accessed.
  • Fixed issue where password protected files would appear unsupported or corrupt.
  • Fixed issue where using keyboard arrows to move cursor in text box would change page.
  • Fixed issue where files would take a long time to open with unflattened annotations.
  • Fixed issue where turning off pressure sensitivity would cause drawn lines to extend and create sharp edges.
  • Fixed issue where highlights would appear as splotches of colour and underlines would appear above intended line in other PDF applications.
  • Fixed issue where large files would stay frozen on opening animation screen.
  • Fixed issue where files would open to a black screen.
  • Fixed issue where large files would take a long time to open and dramatically increase memory usage.
  • Fixed issue where custom pen width would max out at a value of 20.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed issue where spacebar was not working in Insert Text boxes, and in some cases would advance the page.
  • Fixed issue with non-pressure sensitive inking.
Drawboard PDF v5.0 is a complete re-build from the ground up! We’ve greatly increased performance and stability and have even rewritten some of your favorite tools.

  • Drawboard PDF is now a Universal Windows Platform (Windows 10) application.
  • Support for Cortana.
  • Support for Windows 10 Drag and Drop.

  • Greatly improved memory usage.
  • More responsive UI.
  • Context menu now lives down the bottom of the document in a short options bar.
  • Enhanced disk caching
  • New inking technology - ink is faster and instantly visible on the canvas.
  • New radial menu technology and interaction animations.
  • Text review tools now appear as you drag the stylus.
  • Text review tools now support opacity.
  • Redesigned Polygon tool.
  • Redesigned Notes tool.
  • Resigned signature tool.
  • Redesigned Insert Text tool.
  • Redesigned arrow tool - now draws as you drag the stylus.
  • Redesigned cloud tool - now draws as you drag the stylus.
  • Improvements to annotation resizing, moving and rotation, maintaining scale proportions.
  • Ability to set opacity on pressure-sensitive ink.
  • Redesigned iconography.
  • Undo/redo now also supports clearing annotations, adding new pages and rotating pages.
  • Insert picture from camera - window no longer fills entire screen.
  • Improved accuracy of text selections.
  • From Version 5.0.0 onwards, Drawboard PDF will only be updated on Windows 10 - Windows 8.1 and 8 versions will no longer be updated. In addition, Drawboard will only support Windows 10 installations of Drawboard PDF.
  • Auto-save has been removed from Drawboard PDF, as this was a significant contributor to app lag and file corruption.
  • Sound Notes tool has been removed.
  • Group stroke inking has been removed.
  • Arrowhead direction options have been removed temporarily.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed issue where some users would see the document loading screen for a long time, sometimes resulting in a crash
  • PDF will now scroll to last position when reopening a PDF, and last open PDF will be active
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed issue where keyboard shortcuts were working on an intermittent basis
  • Notification message on double-tap bookmark creation now correctly displays details
  • Fixed issue where there was no visual indication that files were unsaved after app restart
  • Fixed issue where changing the ‘to’ field in the Rotate Pages dialog would reset the ‘from’ field
  • Fixed issue where keyboard shortcuts CTRL+F, CTRL+Shift+B and CTRL+Shift+M would not work if Bookmarks tab hadn’t been opened at least once
  • Fixed issue where Favorites toolbar became disabled after closing-reopening the first file after app installation
  • Fixed issue where the application would crash after trying to Save As files that were deleted
  • Fixed issue where Tab thumbnails were not displayed after app restart until selected
  • Fixed issue where documents pinned to the start menu would not open
  • Fixed issue where deleting a parent bookmark would not delete it’s children, resulting in orphaned sub-bookmarks
  • Removed confusing trial period limit - ‘About’ section now says 3 day trial instead of 7
  • Fixed activation key issues (enterprise users only)
  • Create new blank documents and insert new pages with predefined and custom background colors
  • Choose imperial or metric measurements when creating new blank documents or inserting new pages
  • New layout for inserting, rotating and deleting pages in More -> Page Manipulation
  • Moved ‘About’ pane to App Settings
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed issue where text was disappearing when applied to the PDF
  • Fixed issue where menu locking was forgotten upon re-opening app
  • Fixed issue where Document tabs were not preserving scroll position upon close-reopen
  • Fixed issue where search result would reset document’s View and Layout
  • Fixed issue where scrolling position in search results were not preserved upon closing/reopening Search flyout
  • Fixed issue where scrolling position in Markup History were not preserved upon closing/reopening Search flyout
  • Fixed issue where resetting settings to default did not restore the Pinned main menu to its initial state
  • Fixed issue where there were empty defaults for Settings - View and Layout
  • Fixed issue where users were shown Search/Markup/Bookmarks from a previous document when opening a new document
  • Fixed issue where Search would not not switch to the next document when using Ctrl-Tab shortcut
  • Added a work-around to curb issue where the user was presented with a message saying that their trial had expired, despite having purchased the app.
  • Ability to lock the Tabs, Pages and More panes open.
  • Redesigned Search, Markup History and Bookmarks panes and moved them to the main menu under the Discovery Button (binoculars icon).
  • On first-use Welcome Screen, the ‘I’ll do this later’ button no longer skips the whole first-use process - you can still select your pen options and view the walkthrough.
  • Ability to insert new pages from the pages submenu.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed issue where inserted text would not appear.
  • Fixed an issue that would cause a large increase in file size following copy and paste of an annotation.
  • Fixed an issue where selecting text with any tool actively slowed down inking.
  • Fixed issue where app would crash after changing the ink stroke.
  • Fixed issue where copy+pasting an image on the same / different page of the doc would not work.
  • Fixed issue when document pages were being deleted that caused thumbnails to display an incorrect wrong preview.
  • Fixed issue where users could not use cursor keys, Page Up/Down or Home/End for the results in the Search, Bookmarks or History Annotation panels.
  • Fixed issue where changing the pen ink opacity to 100% reset stroke thickness.
  • Fixed issue where custom stroke text box did not hide keyboard after Enter was tapped.
  • Fixed issue where user was presented with Save As dialog box after being unable to save to Dropbox, but Cancel button did not work.
  • Fixed issue where app would crash on first launch after fresh install of V4.0.0.
  • Fixed issue where Save As autofilled document name is not the name of the PDF like in v3.8.
  • Fixed issue where ink selection shadow did not adequately reflect shape of ink.
  • Fixed issue where users couldn’t edit textbox text.
  • Fixed issue where inserted text was not visible until reselected.
  • Fixed issue where users could not save in fillable forms because the save icon was greyed out.
  • Fixed issue where markup history was incorrect when other programs did not supply a timestamp. Now non-dated markups will show as having no date associated.
  • Fixed issue where V4.1 annotations would fail to write or they delay after a period of the app being idle.
  • Fixed issue where V4.1 search results would reset document View and Layout.
  • Fixed issue where highlighted v4.1 search result word is lost in document when hiding the search tab or when zooming the page.
  • Fixed issue where many users were suffering from Trial Expired message regardless of the fact that the app had been fully purchased.
  • Fixed issue in Windows 10 where users could not view Dropbox, OneDrive and other cloud sharing folders in the Browse file picker.
Bug Fixes
  • Corrected issue where users were being locked out by password of their saved files.
Bug Fixes
  • Corrected issue where when Annotate Using Touch was enabled, pinch to zoom was not working.
Bug Fixes
  • Corrected PDF saving issue when document was closing.
  • Completely revamped user interface with new brand color
  • Removed app bars - all menu items and app options are now in a brand new left-hand-side menu system, in preparation for Windows 10 design guidelines
  • Drawboard Online Premium tier no longer exists - Pressure Sensitive Inking and Audio Inserts now standard
  • No more 5-tab limitation
  • New rectangle cloudy tool
  • Laser Inking - it's like a laser pointer for your pen!

New Features
  • CTRL-O opens the document explorer
  • Added new rectangle cloud tool
  • Laser Inking option added to settings
  • Added large tile support
  • Added ability to flatten a single page
  • Added warning for too many open files / Removed 5 file limitation
  • Added ability to turn off annotation selection
  • Help is opened when F1 is pressed
  • Premium Features' has been deprecated. Pressure Sensitive Inking and Audio Inserts are now included as standard
  • Added ability to close all documents
  • Added new page counter
  • Added recent files and quick-access save buttons to main menu
  • Added ability to undo a page rotate
  • New UI design for workspace page including hamburger style menu, which can be hidden for unobstructed viewing (tap the menu icon)
  • Visual feedback when document has unsaved changes
  • User can now select number of actions kept in memory for undo (App Options > Annotations)
  • Complete user interface revamp
  • All menu items now in left-hand-side (LHS) menu. Removed App bars
  • Entire new color scheme
  • 'x' button on each tab turns green when changes are yet to be saved. Before closing, prompt is given to save changes
  • Document File Info shows quick-view file information
  • Walkthrough tour
  • New welcome screen
  • Processing message added to inform user when application is busy
  • Allow user to refresh page using F5
  • Added CTRL-G as a shortcut to Goto page

  • Removed max zoom option
  • Line select with right pen button changed to rectangle select
  • Removed app bars
  • Improved ink smoothing
  • Changed default side of favourites to right
  • Added relative zooming - zoom level is now relative to size of the page being viewed
  • Custom page number now brings up on-screen number pad instead of keyboard
  • Set progressive rendering to off by default
  • Added document count at top of tabs panel
  • Added ability to load complex pdfs on startup
  • Sending user to UserVoice when navigating to help
  • Added auto-save per annotations
  • Bounding box handles are now squares
  • Added stability for autosaves
  • App resume now returns zoom level to previous state
  • Font size in text box reflects font size in text box editor
  • Updated keyboard shortcuts
  • Improved thumbnails
  • Bonus: Radial Menu now bounces better around your screen!
  • Autosave disabled by default
  • Single-page page manipulation and annotation tools for single pages now in '…' icon next to individual pages in pages panel
  • Document View and Layout options include toggle switches for Night and Continuous Modes
  • Document Annotations options include toggle switch for Show Annotations
  • Support and Feedback and Tutorials buttons merged to App Options as 'Help'. All support is now in the Drawboard User Hub, and this section links to this webpage
  • Improved exception tracking
  • Group selection marquee around ink strokes improved
  • Improved erasing
  • Removed clear unsaved option for clearing annotations
  • Optimized startup speed
  • Reduced app payload size (by approx. 50%)
  • Removed social logins from the app
Bug Fixes
  • Corrections to address crashes when rotating all pages on large documents
  • Corrected issue where space bar changes page when in bookmark and search
  • Corrected issue where bookmarks with same name navigated to same destination in document
  • Fixed issue with line and arrow vanishing when in select mode and another tool was engaged
  • Added markup history symbols for images and notes
  • Improved inking - faster, smoother
  • Fixed black screen issue with some PDFs. Corrupt file message appears instead
  • Improved performance of scratch (temporary files) and thumbnails
  • Corrected issue where trial countdown was showing up after activation key was entered OR user is logged in with provisioned credentials
  • Corrected issue where removing text review annotations would crash the app
  • Corrected issue where signature fields in forms would not allow signature insert
  • Corrected issue where text entry popup in forms was positioned offset
  • Disabled Clear All option when no recent files exist
  • Added Save As... option when original file location is unavailable
  • Added incremental change saving for every ink stroke
  • Corrected issue where resizing text-insert bounding box opened edit popup
  • Corrected issue where inserted text would change location when page was rotated
  • Corrected issue where bookmarks where showing for deleted pages
  • Corrected issue where predictive search prevented user from searching with same prefixed characters
  • Markup history now dynamically updates whilst panel is open
  • Corrected issue where text was not selectable until app restart
  • Corrected issue where cut/paste and copy/paste would leave artifacts in source location on a page
  • Improved caching of pages for faster rendering (actual page and page thumbnail panel)
  • Corrected issue when using Annotate Using Touch, dragging using touch would resize annotations instead of move annotation
  • Corrected issue where inserted signature would not rotate when page was rotated
  • Corrected issue where undoing a delete on any shape would reset opacity of said shape to 100%
  • Removed semantic zoom (redundant with new pages panel)
  • Corrected arrow and line insert problems with touch
  • orrected issue where touch annotation would pan instead of ink on first-use of a tool
  • Corrected isssue where toggling between tabs would crash application
  • Application now properly handling password protected documents
  • Corrected issue where deleting an annotation would freeze application
  • Multi-select now shows each individual annotation's bounding box
  • Corrected issue where multi-select would not retain annoation relational spacing
  • User can now interact with document while search panel is open
  • Corrected range of issues with undo/redo
  • Corrected issue where app wouldsometimes crash when opening files and rendering document
  • Corrected issue where signatures in signatures manager were lost after adding and then restarting application
  • Image insert now intelligently resizes an image upon insert, instead of the user having to define an image crop area
  • Corrected issue where file size increased even when annotations were removed
  • Corrected all issues where internet was required for app features to be unlocked
  • Corrected issue where text box would not insert at specified location on document
  • Corrected issue where favorites toolbar was not keeping favorites between app sessions
  • Corrected freeze during highlight
  • Corrected issue where app would add abritary password to PDF document
  • Corrected issue where undoing text review annotation would remove all layered elements (e.g. strikeout and highlight would both be removed). Now only removes last-applied
  • Corrected issue where keyboard was popping up for no reason when opening a document
  • Corrected issue where zoom controls were randomly vanishing
  • Corrected issues where dragging selection gripper on text would deselect initial selection
  • Highlighter can now have opacity set
  • Corrected crash that occurred when navigating to URL links
  • Corrected issue causing rubber stamps to not be deleteable / movable / undoable
  • Corrected issue where text would not remain selected when zooming and snapping
  • Corrected iss where search result would not remain selected when zooming and snapping
  • Corrected smart zooming to include mouse
  • Corrected issue where text would not resize correctly as text box resizes
  • Corrected ink configuration where touch smoothing was being applied on stylus input
  • Corrected issue where two finger scroll would draw ink just before second finger was placed on the canvas
  • Corrected selection issue where selection marquee was left on the canvas after when an item was selected
  • Corrected issue with trial period sessions